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WHERE IS IT? HOW DO I GET THERE? Schools with a link to their web site are denoted by an underline

ROSWELL, ALPHARETTA, CHATTAHOOCHEE, NORTHVIEW, NORTH GWINNETT, PARKVIEW and BROOKWOOD: (the route is very similar for each school, note pick-ups as you progress)

ROSWELL:  Take Hwy 92 east to Hardscrabble Road just as you get into Fulton County.  Go left on Hardscrabble (Super Target is on the left)  Stay on Hardscrabble to Roswell HS. Go through traffic light.  Take first right into school.

ALPHARETTA:  Continue on Hardscrabble past Roswell HS until it dead ends into Crabapple.  Go left and at the first light, take a quick right onto Rucker Rd. Stay on Rucker Rd until you get to the Alpharetta American Legion baseball field.  Turn Left on Wills Road and go to the deadend.  Turn right on Milton Avenue and follow through downtown Alpharetta.  Crossover GA 400 and the school will be on your right just past Northpoint Pkwy. (The directions above are for less traffic...The most direct route would probably be to stay on Rucker Road and follow through Alpharetta as it changes to Old Milton Pkwy.  Crossover GA 400 and turn left on North Point Parkway.  School will be on your left.)

CHATTAHOOCHEE: Continue east on Old Milton Parkway through the turnoff for GA Hwy 120 (Duluth).  This road becomes two lanes.  (directions for Northview and Parkview continue from this point) At the first intersection after it becomes two lane, turn left onto Jones Bridge Rd ( Kroger is on the left).  Turn right ahead about a ¼ mile onto Taylor Rd.  Take the first entrance into the school.  Field is directly behind the school.

NORTHVIEW: ( picking up from the Chattahoochee directions) Continue east of 400 on Old Milton Pkwy.  Go left and follow GA 120 east toward Duluth.  This turn is approximately 3 miles east of 400 and is marked by the Chick Fil A on the right and a Shell station on the left.  Continue east on GA 120 (at times it is Kimball Bridge Rd then Abbotts Bridge Rd) for approximately 3.5 miles until you reach Medlock Bridge Rd (GA Hwy 141). Take a right onto Medlock Bridge.  The Northview athletic complex is on the west end of their campus adjacent to Medlock Bridge Rd.  Take a left at the first light onto Parsons Rd.  Entrance to the school is on the left.

NORTH GWINNETT:  (picking up from the Northview directions) Continue east on GA Hwy 120 through the Medlock Bridge intersection.  You will  pass Northview HS on the right.  Continue east across the Chattahoochee River into Gwinnett County.  One half mile after crossing the Hootch go left at the first light onto Peachtree Industrial.  Proceed north on Peachtree Industrial for 6.5 miles to the Suwanee Dam Rd. intersection.  Go left onto Suwanee Dam Rd for 1.5 miles to Level Creek Rd.  The school is off to the left.  Go right on Level Creek and then a quick left onto West Price.  Field is on the right. (plan on 90 minutes to North Gwinnett late in the afternoon)

PARKVIEW: (picking up from the Chattahoochee directions) Cross Jones Bridge Rd.. Continue on State Bridge Rd. until it crosses the Chattahoochee River, the road then become Pleasant Hill. Stay on this road past Gwinnett Place Mall, I-85 and Ronald Reagan Parkway (directions for Brookwood continue from this point) Pleasant Hill will dead-end into Lawrenceville Hwy. About one mile south at a major intersection you will go left onto Beaver Ruin Rd. (a bar called Shooters is on the left). Stay on this road for three or four miles total, you will cross Killian Hill and about half a mile past this intersection you will come to Cole Rd....take a left. Parkview HS is about a mile to the left. Park in front of the HS and MS, the baseball field is located just behind the school/gym. There is a courtyard just to the left of the gym that leads directly to the field.

BROOKWOOD: (picking up from the Parkview directions) When you get to the intersection of the Ronald Reagan Parkway, take this Hwy east. Continue approximately five miles, through several exits. Take the exit onto Webb Gin House Rd. Go right off the exit and continue a half mile or so to the light. Brookwood is immediately ahead through the light. The field is behind the school adjacent to the football field.

COLLINS HILL HS  AND PEACHTREE RIDGE HS  As you leave East Cobb, follow the directions to Chattahoochee until turning left on Jones Bridge Rd---continue on State Bridge across Jones Bridge and continue several miles, crossing Hwy 141 and the Chattahoochee River---a mile or so beyond the Hooch at the second major intersection take a left onto Peachtree Industrial Blvd (PIB)---continue north on PIB 4.5 miles to Sugarloaf Pkwy---turn right onto Sugarloaf Pkwy and proceed past Buford Highway .8 miles to Old Peachtree Rd---turn left onto Old Peachtree for 2.5 miles to Dean Rd---Dean Rd is just beyond the interchange at I-85---Peachtree Ridge HS is on Old Peachtree approximately a mile after the left turn (continue here to Collins Hill) turn right onto Dean Rd and proceed 1.5 miles until it dead ends at Lawrenceville/Suwanee Rd---turn left onto Lawrenceville/Suwanee Rd and turn right at the next light---this is Taylor Rd---proceed approximately 1.5 miles through a residential neighborhood---Collins Hill HS is on the right----entry to the baseball facility is just beyond the front of the school---baseball field is located directly behind the main school building


MILTON:  Take Hwy 92 east to Hardscrabble Road just as you get into Fulton County.  Go left on Hardscrabble (Super Target is on the left).  Stay on Hardscrabble until it dead ends into Crabapple Rd.---take a left onto Crabapple. Continue on Crabapple through the intersection of Hwy. 140 past the silos approximately one mile to the light at the intersection of Birmingham Hwy. (the Crabapple Government building is on the right)---Take a left onto Birmingham Hwy. and entry to the new Milton High School is approximately 1/2 mile on the right. Continue past the front of the school and the baseball field is on the East side of the campus.
(Alternate-less traffic)---Take Hwy 92 east to Hardscrabble Road just as you get into Fulton County.  Go left on Hardscrabble (Super Target is on the left). Turn Left on King Road (light at Roswell HS).  Follow King until it dead ends into Cox Road and turn Right.  Go to Hwy 140 and turn Left at the light.  Not too far is Ranchette Road on your right-turn here.  Follow until it dead ends into Old Providence Road and turn Left.  Go about 100 yards and turn right on Dorris Road.  Follow until it dead ends into Birmingham Highway and turn Right.  Milton High School will be on your left in about one mile.  Turn left at light and follow past school where the baseball baseball/softball complex will be on your left.


Route from Lassiter area is the same---Norcross is several miles beyond Centennial---this is a very busy trip late on any afternoon---allow plenty of time

CENTENNIAL:  Take Sandy Plains north to Hwy 92 and go east---continue east on 92 beyond Alpharetta Highway and GA 400---Continue through the very busy Old Alabama and 92 intersection just beyond 400---you will go drive another mile or two and make a huge descent---as you start climbing the hill on the other side you will pass an apartment complex and come on a busy commercial area on the left---just beyond this to the left you will see Centennial High School---it sits just off Holcomb Bridge Rd (Hwy 92)---baseball field is adjacent to the football stadium

NORCROSS: continue past Centennial on Holcomb Bridge (Hwy 92) east for several miles---you will go through a busy commercial district in the Country Club of the South area and eventually cross the Chattahoochee River into Gwinnett County---about a mile past the Hooch at the second traffic light go left on Spalding Drive---continue north on Spalding two or three miles---Norcross High School is on the right (you cant miss it)---baseball field is directly behind the main school building just beyond the football stadium 

CAMPBELL: I-75 South to Windy Hill Road. Exit Right (West) onto Windy Hill Road. Go West for 3.5 miles to Ward Street. Ward Street is approximately 1/2 mile beyond the railroad overpass. Turn left onto Ward Street. Baseball field is immediately on the right across the street from the school.
CHEROKEE: I-575 north to exit 16 ---bear left off expressway to the west---go right at the light (highway 5)---just ahead you will cross the Etowah River---turn left just beyond the bridge into Boling Park---this road winds along the river a mile or so until it spills into the parking lot adjacent to the baseball field
COLUMBUStake I-85 south towards Alabama---as you near LaGrange take I185 south to Columbus---as you go through Columbus take the Macon Rd exit---turn right and proceed approximately a mile to the intersection just beyond the National Guard Armory---turn right onto Dell St.---take a left at the stop sign onto 17th Street---school is on the right approximately one mile...Trip takes approxiatemetly 2 1/2-3 hours.
ETOWAH: I-575 north to Towne Lake Parkway exit---go left and continue through a heavy commercial area---you will continue through several lights---just past McDonalds you will continue beyond the entrance to Eagle Watch on the right, climbing a large hill---at the top of the hill, go right---this is the entrance to a elementary, middle and Etowah Highs School---field is on the left
Alternate--(too avoid Hwy 92 and I-575 traffic) Take Trickum Road to Hwy. 92 and turn left...In about 1/2 mile turn right onto Neese Road at FBCW.  Follow Neese Road until it dead-ends and turn left on Arnold Mill Road...Continue on Arnold Mill through downtown Woodstock, under I-575 and up to Eagle Drive....Etowah will be on top of the hill about 1/2 mile past the Eagle Drive/Towne Lake Drive split.
GRIFFIN: I-75 South beyond Hartsfield Airport to Exit 77 (GA Hwy. 19/US 41-Griffin/Jonesboro). Go south approximately 26 miles. Exit is about 15 minutes south of the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Exit onto GA Hwy. 16 (Newnan/Griffin). Go right and school and field is about 1/4 mile on left.
KENNESAW MTN & HARRISON: KENNESAW MTN.--take Blackwell/Chastain Rd west as if going to Kennesaw State---continue past Kennesaw and McCollum field until it dead ends into Highway 41---go right to top of the hill and take a left onto Kennesaw Due West Rd.---travel approximately 1 mile to Kennesaw Mtn High School on the left.  
HARRISON--Go several miles past Kennesaw Mtn. HS and through several intersections---school and field are on the right a mile or so beyond a major intersection at Due West elementary school
HERITAGE: take I-20 East and pass Stone Crest Mall on Right---Get off at the Sigman Road exit; at the end of the ramp turn right (You will travel approximately 4-5 miles total once you get off of I-20)---Get all the way over to the left turning lane immediately---Turn Left at the traffic light on Iris Drive---Go approximately 3/4 mile and turn right on Smyrna Road---Continue on Smyrna Road - Go through Klondike - 4 way---Continue on Smyrna - you will come to a fork and Smyrna bears to the right---Stay on Smyrna---Go through the 4 way which is Flat Shoals---Turn Left onto Granade Road---Take the first entrance into the school.  You will see a small sign -"Danny Blue Field".  Field is at the back of the first parking lot.

for Food, etc....If parents are coming early to eat, etc, they would need to go I-20 East and get off at the Hwy 138 exit--Eating establishments are right off the exit north or south or I-20---Right at the end of the ramp---Continue on 138 until you see a Sonny's BBQ on the left.  Hwy 138 turns right which is just across from Sonny's BBQ.  Go approx 4 miles and the school will be on the right---Go past the school to the red light and turn Right on Granade Road---This road takes you past the front of the school to the far parking lot--You will see the "Danny Blue Field" sign---Turn right into that parking lot.  Field is at the back of the parking lot.
Hoover is a suburb of Birmingham south of Red Mountain and downtown---trip is approximately 2 ½ hours

Take I 20 west out of Atlanta---just east of Birmingham take 1 459 west to Montgomery and Tuscaloosa---continue west beyond I 65 (13 miles) and the Galleria area at US Hwy 31---take Exit 10 (Hoover/Pelham)  approximately two miles west of the Galleria---go left off the expressway to the 2nd traffic light---turn right into an office park and the entry road to Hoover Municipal Stadium---take a left at the first traffic light (Hoover Middle School is on the left)---the high school and field are just over the hill---take a right at intersection and continue around to the right to the baseball field

The Galleria area on Hwy 31 (both north and south) has every type of eating place known to man if you choose to eat lunch prior to getting to the ballpark 

KELL: Take Trickum North to Jamerson Rd---Take a left on to Jamerson----follow Jamerson three miles West to Waters Rd.---Kell will be on your left. The baseball field is at the South end of the campus adjacent to the East Cobb Complex 
LAGRANGE: Granger Park -I-285 West/South to I-85 South (Montgomery). LaGrange is about 50 miles South of the Atlanta Airport. Proceed to Exit 4. Go right and continue about 4 or 5 miles through the Town Square. One or Two Blocks West of the Square go right onto North Greenwood St. The school is about 1 mile on the right. Granger Park is directly across the street from the school. 
TO LAGRANGE COLLEGE FIELD: Follow directions through LaGrange square as if going to LaGrange HS.  Continue through the right turn onto Greenwood St.  Proceed west approximately 1 mile to the campus of LaGrange College on the right.  Go to the traffic light with tennis courts directly on the right.  Take a left at this light.  Stay to the right on this road for approximately 1 mile.  Field is ahead on the right just before the train overpass.
LOVETT: Lovett sits on the south bank of the Chattahoochee River just off Hwy 41---you can approach the entrance just south of the Chattahoochee bridge on 41 coming down the hill from the Cumberland Mall area or take I75 south to Mt Paran Rd and turn back north to the river making a left turn just before the bridge
MARIETTA: current field is now at the new high school---go through the Marietta Square west on Dallas Highway---just west of the Burnt Hickory turnoff ( a couple of miles west of the square) the school is on the left---take the road just east of the school to the baseball field parking lot on the south end of campus
MARIST: take I-285 east to Ashford Dunwoody Rd exit (Perimeter Mall)---take a right off expressway inside the Perimeter---school is on the right about two miles ahead just as you cross Nancy Creek---field is on the west end of campus next to the football stadium
McEACHERN: A better  way to McEachern (it bypasses downtown Marietta, yet is still very  busy late in the afternoon)---take Barrett Pkwy approximately 8 miles beyond Hwy 41 to Macland Rd---go right on Macland approximately 2.5 miles (2nd light) to New Macland Rd---go left on New Macland---school is on the right ¼ mile---take first entrance and take driveway to the end---park in the lot adjacent to the tennis courts---field is to west and to your left

Alternate--An efficient way to get to Barrett Pkwy---take Blackwell to Chastain past Kennesaw State and beyond McCollum Aiport---just beyond the runway go left at the traffic light onto Old Hwy 41---cross Hwy 41 and continue less than a mile until coming to Barrett Pkwy (Racetrac and Conoco)---go right onto Barrett---continue almost 8 miles across Stilesboro, Burnt Hickory and Dallas Highway until reaching Macland Rd

NEWNAN: take I-85 south of the airport---Newnan is about 20 miles south of the airport area---take exit #41 off the expressway---take a right onto Highway 29---go approximately 2 miles to Sewell Rd---school is at the end of Sewell Rd on the right
NORTH COBB: Take Blackwell Rd/Chastain Rd. west as if going to Kennesaw State-continue beyond I-75 and Kennesaw State to the traffic light just beyond McCollum Field-take a right at the light onto Old Highway 41-continue through downtown Kennesaw-North Cobb HS is about 5 miles north of Kennesaw on Old 41-take a right on the street just before reaching main campus building-a sign at this street directs you to Awtrey Middle School-baseball field is adjacent to Awtrey.
NORTHWEST WHITFIELD: take I75 north about 75 miles through Dalton---take Exit #341 (Tunnel Hill /Varnell)---go right off expressway---school is on the right approximately two miles ahead---field sits on top of a hill directly behind the school
OSBORNE: there are many ways to get to South Cobb Dr from the Lassiter area---South Cobb Drive is the highway that Lockheed is on---just east of the Cobb County Civic Center---Delk Rd west off I75 becomes South Cobb Dr---continue past Lockheed approximately 2 miles---as you get to the top of a large hill go right on Austell Rd---go south on Austell 1.5-2 miles---go left on Windy Hill (Milford Elementary School is on the right)---1/2 mile take a right on Favor Rd---school is on left and field on right just ahead---no parking at field---look in school parking lot just across the street

Alternate--You can take Windy Hill extended off I-75 especially if coming from Atlanta---continue west on Windy Hill across Hwy 41 and eventually South Cobb Dr---a couple of miles past South Cobb Dr go left on Favor Rd---if you dead end at Austell Rd, go back a ½ mile

POPE: Shallowford Rd.. East to North Hembree Rd. Turn right and go to Hembree Rd. Turn right and the school is 1/4 mile on the right . The field is up the hill.
SEQUOYAH: (Trip is approximately 20 minutes). This is a more direct route than going through Wooodstock. Pay close attention to odometer readings because some of the road signs are not well marked! Go North on Trickum Rd. Continue North across Hwy. 92 (Woodstock Highway) for 1.7 miles to the traffic light (Little River Elementary is on left). Turn right onto Barnes Rd. At .9 miles there is a 4 way stop where Barnes Rd. Becomes Arnold Mill Rd. Continue through this 4 way for 2.1 miles Turn left onto Waters Rd. (This sign is almost invisible so be careful). Proceed North on Waters Rd. For a couple of miles until it dead ends at E. Cherokee. Turn right and proceed 1.0-1.5 miles until you come to traffic light (Hickory Flat School on left, Public Library on right). Turn left. School and field are just over the hill on the right.
SPRAYBERRY: Sandy Plains Rd. South to Piedmont.  Turn Rt.  School and field are on left.
SOUTH FORSYTH:  Travel north on GA-400. Take the Ga-141 exit - exit number 13. Keep right at the fork in the ramp. Turn right onto Peachtree Parkway/Ga-141. Go thru first intersection (Forsyth Connector). Go approximately one mile and you will see the school on your left. Take the road on the right around to the back of the school to athletic complex.
WALTON: East on Shallowford to Johnson Ferry Rd. Go right on Johnson Ferry. Go approximately 3 miles to the 5th traffic light (Sewell Mill Rd.). Go right to the 1st traffic light (Murdock Rd.). Go left. School is about a 1/2 mile on left just beyond Dodgen Middle School
WHEELER: take Sandy Plains south to Piedmont (Sprayberry intersection)---take a left onto Piedmont---continue several miles until Piedmont dead ends at Roswell Rd---go right and proceed a ½ mile to intersection at Robinson Road (liquor store on left; East Lake clock tower on right)---go about a half mile to 3 way stop at Holt Rd---go right---Wheeler is on right ahead about a mile---field is south and west of main building
WOODSTOCK: I-575 north to Towne Lake Parkway exit---go left and proceed through several lights in a heavy commercial area---take a left at light at the bottom of a big hill about a mile west of the expressway---this is Towne Lake Hill South drive---school is located at the end of this driveway---field is south of the main building on top of a hill